"The" Ultimate in Party Rock

Shawn Malaney

Bill Lee

Al Konkal

 earl  is a dynamic band focused on delivering high energy tributes to the best rock and roll party and dance music of the '60s '70s and '80s. Based in South Florida earl  and its following brings with them a party atmosphere that gets audiences dancing and singing to their favorite tunes. With focused tributes to the music of Billy Idol,  The Rolling Stones, Beatles, the late Tom Petty, The Who, Skynyrd and others, the band provides the best in upbeat party and dance music, sure to connect with audiences. With Shawn Malaney on lead guitar and Vocals, Bill Lee on Bass and Al Konkal on drums, percussion and vocals, the show is a party that audiences are sure to remember.

Veteran of earl since 1985, Bill started his music career with “Wrath” a contemporary hard rock band in Chicago in the 1970’s. After a hiatus to pursue an engineering career Bill was asked to join “NightWing”, a hard driving Rock and Roll quartet, frequently featured at the major venues in the Fox Valley region of northern Illinois and was house band to several venues. “NightWing” recorded the original song “Magic Man” which achieved limited success. Moving to Florida in 1985 Bill was picked up by “earl”, also a working northern Illinois band transplanted. Bill left “earl” in 1999 to pursue engineering opportunities in the US and abroad but rejoined an energized “earl” briefly from 2004 to 2007 for the “Four Weekends” album and associated dates before moving overseas. Upon his return in 2009 Bill joined “earl” again and shortly thereafter the new energized “earl” was founded. Bill also does recording with former founding “earl” members in Central Florida and recently started collaborations in Chicago with former “Wrath” band mates when everyone’s travel schedule allows it. For Bill there is no looking back only forward.

Joining “earl” in 1986, Al brought considerable percussion and technical expertise to the band that has been its foundation since. In addition to his talent on the kit, Al has always been ahead of the curve with technical innovations allowing his unique style of percussion and the bands to be on the cutting edge. With a reputation for powerful drumming intermixed with smooth beats and his perfect time, Al fills out the sound of any ensemble lucky enough to have him play with them. In addition to his key role in the “earl”, Al was frequently seen at the Wyndham in Deerfield accompanying “Bill ‘Jose’ Cuervo” before his untimely passing, as they filled the evening with the sounds of the islands. Additionally Al frequently accompanies local favorites “The Innuendo Band” and his own creation “The Passion Band”. He also did a 2010 tour locally in Virginia Beach with local talent. The heartbeat of the “earl  ” Al “Dr. Voodoo” Konkal is always ready to rock and roll.

Founding “earl” Shawn is a professional singer, guitar player, opera singer, musical teacher and musical director. At the age of 16 he was already performing at local coffee houses and restaurants. While at Berklee College of Music he majored in composition and performed with local bands. After leaving Berklee he formed and managed the Country Rock Band – “Jubal”, which toured the Midwest and western United States for many years. As the lead singer, guitar player and manager, Shawn led “Jubal” to a successful decade on the road and in the studio. After moving to South Florida in 1985, Shawn has been the leader and founding member of the “Earl Krevice Band” in its multiple configurations playing in South Florida culminating with the highly energized “earl” you see today.